Family Dinner


A Simple, Joyful Feast

Castello di Serragiumenta is located on a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive groves in the Calabrian countryside, settled between the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. Rita Bilotti, Nonna Olga’s daughter, runs the 16th century castle, which also functions as a sustainable, third-generation farm; a small country hotel with an onsite restaurant; and riding stables with around sixty horses. It’s an oasis of peace, and a place to savour those special moments of joy and relaxation. Today is a beautiful spring day, and the sun is slowly setting on the horizon – it’s the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor evening feast Nonna Olga and her grandson, Daniele, have planned for their family and friends.

Using the bounty of Calabria’s regional ingredients, Daniele and Nonna Olga have worked together to prepare a variety of classic dishes and snacks. Everything eventually lands on the table that Rita has thoughtfully arranged in the garden, and the upcoming feast smells utterly delicious. One after another the guests begin to arrive: family, friends and the special guest for the evening, Viola Wüsthof, one of the leaders of WÜSTHOF’s iconic, 207-year-old knife company and a seventh-generation member of the WÜSTHOF family.

Viola has spent the past few days discovering the simple joys of Castello di Serragiumenta. Today, she and Rita are excited to toast to the new WÜSTHOF Amici knife series, inspired by the sun-drenched Perugian city of Castello, and Nonna Olga, the matriarch of the family who has been running the kitchen at its 16th century castle for over sixty years.

“These knives are born in Solingen, Germany and at home in Castello di Serragiumenta,’ says Viola as everyone sits down to eat. ‘Between the stunning landscape, the sustainably farmed food, the friendly Calabrian hospitality, and all the family and friends surrounding us…I really can't imagine a better home for our Amici knife series.”

The table is stunning: to start, there’s fresh bread from the stone oven and aromatic grilled salsiccia, the traditional fresh pork sausage, both of which are carved tableside with the gorgeous Amici knives everyone is celebrating; the Calabrian olive wood handles gleam as the sun sets. Soon, there is talking and laughing and children running around the table. All are happy and well fed, overjoyed to share this special moment with family and friends.

Family Dinner Aside